Are You a Whisky Seller? Make Sure You Are Buying the Best Packing Boxes

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Buying the right packing boxes for the whisky you sell could make or break your business. Overseas customers certainly have the appetite for Scottish Whisky as 38 bottles are shipped overseas each second.

The Whisky business is a great place for modern entrepreneurs. Currently, there are 10,000 people working in the Scotch whisky trade in Scotland alone and that isn’t counting those who handle the whisky on the other side.

Becoming a whisky entrepreneur isn’t as easy as it seems as you will need to invest some of your budget in appropriate whisky packaging and that includes design and security. Do not be put off by selling whisky overseas, there are a number of products you can use to secure the whisky that you are selling.  

Get Your Packing Box Strategy Right

Imagine you are the customer. You have been saving up for a new bottle of Scottish whisky and you have found the perfect bottle to add to your collection. You think about. You buy it and pay for it. You then wait weeks for it. Once it gets to your door, you open the packing box to find that it has been destroyed during its journey. Unfortunately, this happens to hundreds of people who put their trust in poor online sellers.

This is something you should certainly avoid if you can. Customers who experience poor customer service are less likely to return and the statistics back this theory up. 72% of females and 59% of males have decided to abandon their purchase because of shipping costs. So sourcing packing boxes that are quality and reasonably priced is incredibly important – don’t lose out on sales.


whisky packing box

What Type of Packing Box Should You Use?

Make sure you are using packing boxes that will last the journey. Packaging supplier Big Brown Box say that “heavy duty boxes are the ideal cardboard boxes for moving, packing, storage and shipping”. When it comes to packing boxes you should always buy boxes from a professional packaging company – never reuse boxes.

Buy Whisky in Packing Boxes

Whisky is a delicate product and as it comes in a glass bottle which is fairly easy to smash. There are hundreds of companies across Scotland selling whisky overseas, therefore, if they are finding an effective packaging strategy then you can too. Talking to a packaging company like Big Brown Box is a great place to start. Ask the company that you are buying from if they use heavy duty boxes and packing fillers such as bubble wrap or loose fill chips, this will add security to the package.

The Rare Malt Whisky Company are a whisky brand that sells bottles to whisky fans across the UK and the world. The tell us that “Every bottle over the value of £100 is covered by insurance through our courier company DHL which is included in the price”.