Best Things to Buy In January | Beat Those January Blues

January is the Monday of the months. Everyone dreads it during the festive season and when that January reality finally hits you are left scrambling for something to get you through those first thirty-one days of the New Year. One positive aspect of January is that most stores have massive sales on throughout the entire month to try and get rid of stock and make space for the new season. This is great news for those living on a low budget or even just people who love a bargain. Also, January is known as the time for resolutions or the commencement of new projects. To help you make the most of this dreary month and to make great savings that will help you with your new year’s projects this list has been comprised of the best things to buy in January.

Buy Gym Memberships in January

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to get fit, healthy and/or lose weight. This means that all the gyms are in fierce competition which each other to win over as many new memberships as possible. Therefore it is likely that many of these gyms will have special offers available in January, such as waved joining fee or a discount on the first month or maybe even the first month free. Shop about and make the most of the January gym rush.

bed linens that were reduced in January sale

New Year, New Linens, Bedding and Towels

January is the season of new beginnings and fresh starts. This time of year it is typical for people to deep clean their home, clear out old belongings and update some of their domestic essentials.  A tradition dating back many, many years is January white sales which traditionally offered deals on basic white sheets. Today there are sales on all types of bedding, towels and home essentials. This could be a great opportunity to purchase a more expensive brand than you could usually afford since some bigger stores see discounts of 50% or even 70%.


January Clothes Sales

Naturally most clothing stores, especially high street brands will need to clear space for the Spring Season apparel coming in therefore winter clothes will be reduced a fair amount. In the UK, Scotland especially, the beginning of the year tends to be the coldest anyway so it’s prime time to get your hats, gloves, scarfs and other knits and outerwear for a great bargain. If you are fairly into fashion it might be best to invest is classic pieces and wardrobe staples so that they are still wearable next winter. By doing so you are truly going to make the most of your money this January.

Christmas decorations that were reduced in January

Christmas Decorations

I know that Christmas is probably the last thing you want to think about since you’ve probably consumed enough pigs in blankets to last you a lifetime over the past few weeks however January is the best time to buy Christmas stuff. From cards, to wrapping paper to baubles and crackers the stores consistently fail to sell their entire Christmas stock by December 24th. By next Christmas there will be brand new styles available plus the Spring Season stock will be piling in over the coming months which means the Christmas stock has got to go. You’ll be laughing at the savings you can make on all these little festive necessities. Don’t miss out!