Corporate Social Responsibility Trends to Look For In 2018

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility becomes more important for organisations every year. In order to be the very best, companies need to be seen giving back to the people and communities around the globe. Every year there are new corporate social responsibility trends that come around with the times. This year will be no different. With so much going on in the world – Donald Trump’s Presidency and Brexit amongst the biggest – companies need to be seen as proactive. These are some of the trends to look out for.

The fall of Harassment in the Workplace

2017 was a massive year when it came to outing sexual harassment – particularly of women. Hollywood was dismantled with high profile cases such as Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey showing just how poorly companies dealt with it – if at all. This has continued on in to the New Year. Uber was outed by Susan Fowler in February about the sexism and harassment throughout the company.

This year will hopefully see a shift in abandoning the practices that have left victims out in the cold and embracing and helping those that have been wronged. Companies will start to look at previous policies and start to take a look at the gender makeup of their leadership.

Corporate Social Responsibility

An Expansion in Diversity

For years, women campaigned in order to get the equality that they deserve in the workplace. While there is still work to be done, we have seen a major improvement on that front. Now is the turn for diversity of all kinds to be embraced in our organisations. For too long people have been discriminated against because of their culture, skin colour or sexual orientation. Now that there is a growing acceptance within our lives, we should hopefully start to see this in our companies. Nobody should be discriminated against for being different. Companies will need to embrace diversity or find themselves at the backlash of a very angry public.

Corporate Social Responsibility Trends: Brand Activism

This is another one of the corporate social responsibility trends that will continue through from 2017. With CEO’s of several companies coming out in protest of several of Donald Trump’s policies, it can only be expected that this will continue. CEO’s and other industry leaders will continue to protest decisions that influence them, their employees and their customers in a negative way.

If they sit back and do nothing then they face being protested against themselves. Being proactive in everyday life will become a major part of the corporate social responsibility landscape. It shows the people they represent that they are more than just an employee or customer, but part of something much bigger.

Corporate Social Responsibility

More Data Protection

As Facebook has just found out, data protection is a huge deal. With the Cambridge Analytica scandal currently going on, it has shown companies just how important protecting someone’s data is. Mark Zuckerberg and his team are currently dealing with mountains of negative press, legal troubles and more.

This has become a massive warning sign for other companies. If they operate the same or similar practices as to what Facebook has done, then they will see a huge backlash that will affect business immensely as customers will lose trust. By making sure that they can be seen protecting data, then there will be a level of trust with customers – helping business increase.