Features of the Best Indian Restaurants in Glasgow

Indian Restaurants in Glasgow

For many decades, Indian cuisine has been a pure work of art and mastery. With its popularity ranging from its native Indian subcontinent to all over the world. Glasgow has been at the forefront when ranking down the best Indian restaurants in the United Kingdom, making them a must visit for anyone living or visiting the city. And when it comes to the most popular Indian dish, curries, Indian Restaurants in Glasgow is the best place to try it. Having won the Curry Capital of Britain awards four times since 2001 and second on three occasions, we can comfortably say that Glasgow is the home of Indian cuisine in the UK.

Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is influenced by the Hindu religion and practices as well as traditions and the Indian culture. And due to the difference in soil types, climate, culture, and occupations, their cuisines vary from each other substantially. This is evident in the use of herbs, spices, vegetables, and fruits. However Indian cuisine is continuously evolving because of the cultural interactions with other people. This makes the restaurants go to greater lengths to portray the culture of the Indian people through the foods and also through the art that they display in their dining rooms. This creates a great environment to experience the rich culture of the Indian people first hand. Authenticity is essential while making international cuisines. Therefore, the restaurants must make the customers feel at home away from home.

Indian Restaurants in Glasgow

Features of the best Indian Restaurants in Glasgow

Most residents of Glasgow can admit to having either walked into an Indian restaurant at least once if not frequently. The Dhabba, located in the heart of Merchant City, is a prime example of each of the listed features and is a sure favourite for Indian Restaurants in Glasgow. They are known to be some of the friendliest restaurants in the city. Here are some features of the best of them:

l Interior décor – While the cuisine and the menu must be perfect, the restaurant must appear and feel Indian too. The colour scheme on walls, carpets, dishware, and furnishings must look authentic to the culture. Murals and paintings should be consistent with the Indian colour scheme. Murals and painting have been a significant part of Indian culture and can be used to create the ambiance you want. Most Indian restaurants have well curved wooden chairs and an elegant feel.

l Outstanding service – This may not be limited to Indian restaurants as it is fundamental for any good restaurant. But Indian people are associated with their warm and receptive nature, therefore, if the restaurant’s staff and other customers are not polite, then that is not an authentic one. Dining at the best Indian restaurants will mostly be an experience you would like to relive each day.

l Friendly prices – The Indian restaurants are not very expensive although they offer quality foods and services. This only adds to their popularity as there is something for everyone.

Indian Restaurants in Glasgow

The best restaurants too are affordable; this separates the Indian cuisine from all other foods as it is widely accessed by many. In Glasgow, eating at an authentic Indian restaurant feels like an actual visit to the subcontinent, and you can enjoy their great food and experience their culture through the interior designs.