How A Hand Truck Will Make Your Life Easier in the Distillery

Man moving cask of whisky would benefit from a hand truck.

Looking for ways to help the staff in your distillery become more efficient? Why not consider investing in an industrial hand truck. This piece of equipment comes with many benefits which can be applied within a distillery environment.

Read on and find out more about how a hand truck will make your life easier in a distillery.

Lifting Heavy Products or Casks

A hand truck is a perfect addition to your distillery because it can be used to lift far heavier goods without putting any physical strain on your staff. Your casks of whisky and even the boxed bottlings of whisky can be extremely heavy. It removes the need for distillery staff to attempt to lift the items by themselves. This can have multiple uses around the distillery and shop, lifting anything from equipment to the products themselves.

An example of a hand truck which may help the staff in a distillery.

Reducing Risk of Injury

As we have already mentioned, a hand truck will mean that the physical strain is taken away from the distillery staff. This will undoubtedly reduce the risk of any accidents happening, or the risk of repetitive strain injury. Furthermore, due to the sturdiness and reliability of a hand truck, there is less chance of the casks or equipment sustaining damage in transit as it carries the load securely and safely.

Increased Productivity in Distillery

A major benefit of owning a hand truck is that it will increase productivity in the distillery and around the workplace. Fewer people will be needed to carry heavy products as one person can move the goods quickly and efficiently with the use of the hand truck itself.

Customise Your Hand Truck

When we say customise, we don’t mean the colour or patterns on the metal. Although this is possible. You could have your distillery logo and branding on it if you wanted. However, what we actually mean by customisation, is ensuring the equipment is fit for your exact purpose in the distillery. A curved back to help casks sit more comfortable on the hand truck could be a good idea. You could have an extended plate at the bottom if you are carrying wider or larger loads than an average hand truck may hold.

A man using a more advanced hand truck to move bottles of beer and whisky out of storage.

Investing in an Industrial Hand Truck

If you think this equipment would help your staff out in the distillery then we recommend investing. The nature of this piece of equipment means that they often last for decades on end. Usually, they do not need any repairs or replacements. This makes them a wise investment now to help your staff carry your casks and such for years to come.