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How Are Whisky Companies Marketing Themselves To Drive Sales?

When it comes to the popularity of whisky and whisky sales it is essential that whisky companies employ effective marketing in order to gain exposure for their brand and also new products that they are launching. In this article we will look at how whisky companies are marketing themselves to drive sales. Increasingly whisky producers are looking to more online means of marketing such as social media. Methods such as the insta follow bot are also proving to be effective with many whisky brands.

Marketing Whisky Via Social Media

Although social media is valuable for building connections in your social life it can also serve as an extremely effective marketing tool. However in order to use it in this way it needs to be used effectively in order to produce the best results possible. One of the best ways in which this can be done is via the use of an insta follow bot on Instagram.

The insta follow bot is a valuable tool which can be used to follow as well as gain followers on Instagram. Instagram is a photo sharing platform which is used by over one billion people worldwide and has a thriving active community. Whisky is a popular niche and whisky makers can capitalise on this through the use of engaging posts and photos.

This can be done effectively by automatically scheduling posts to be posted via the bot this can be done well in advance and allows for consistent posting on the whisky companies Instagram account. As well as providing interesting and engaging posts this will help to keep followers engaged and inform people of new products as well as business developments overall.

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Marketing Whisky Online With SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is another way in which whisky companies can improve their overall marketing performance. SEO is a process which leads to web pages appearing higher in the overall search results for key terms. For example a whisky company may wish to appear to of the search results for scotch whisky.

In order to do this a process needs to be followed which involves link building. Link building is linking your website to other websites and vice versa. This can be done by posting valuable information on a website and linking back to the whisky brand through a hyperlink.

One of the key reasons why SEO is so important is the majority of people using google will choose the first 3 result. Studies indicate over 75% of searches lead to the first three results getting clicked on. This accounts for a massive amount of traffic and is the main reason why SEO is so important.

Of course there are other tasks that whisky companies can complete in order to improve their overall SEO presence. One of these is on page optimisation. This is a form of SEO and involves companies working on their websites.

One way in which this can be improved is by including articles which are full of unique information as well as variety of photos, diagrams and videos where applicable. Each of these actions is positive is google and other search engines are more likely to rank web pages higher that have these features.


Overall to summarise it is clear that a combination of SEO techniques coupled with both online and offline marketing strategies such as the use of an insta follow bot on social media can greatly enhance the growth and overall progress of whisky companies across the world.