Merchant City Glasgow: A Brief Guide

Merchant City is known for being one of Glasgow’s oldest districts within the City Centre. This area of the city is surrounded by beautiful and stylish buildings, some dating back to the 18th century. It is located next to George Square and the City Chambers which is perfect for shoppers and tourists wishing to explore more iconic locations of Glasgow City Centre. This article will discuss what there is to do, see, and explore in Merchant City:

Staying In Merchant City

If you are coming to Glasgow for a weekend away with a significant other, a shopping trip with friends, or a work trip, there are plenty of hotels available to accommodate you on your stay. There are many Merchant City hotels located within the city centre, offering wonderful views, a comfortable place to sleep, great service, and affordable prices. You can check online for hotels near your desired location and compare prices. The great thing about this city’s centre, is that everything is within walking distance.

Food And Drink

There are many amazing restaurants and bars around Merchant City to try on your stay. This district is also known for its very stylish cafes and cocktail bars. Meaning, there is something for everyone. There are also some Scottish and Mediterranean bistros to expand your tastebuds. You can bar-hop after your chosen meal, as everything is located relatively close to one another and prices vary meaning you can keep it cheap and cheerful, or splurge on your trip!


There are many cultural places to see in and around this part of Glasgow, and it is an area that tourists flock to (and we don’t blame them). You have the City Halls which is oldest building that was built for performances and has been open since 1841. It’s beautiful exterior gives you a taste of old Glasgow. This is then accompanied by the Old Fruitmarket. This is not a particularly obvious spot from the outside, as it is discretely located next to the City Halls in Merchant City quarter.


Merchant City was originally created in the 1750’s and it was where warehouses were located. These warehouses were often owned by well-off traders and wholesalers who would ship tobacco, and sometimes tea. Later, in the 19th century, it then became the popular location for fruit and cheese markets which was loved by many. The location was perfect for this, which is why this area of the city is special and gives others an insight into what Glasgow used to be.

Final Words

Everyone must visit the city of Glasgow and experience the liveliness, culture, events, and the welcoming faces of Glaswegians. There is always something to do in this City regardless of your hobbies and interests. With endless restaurants to try, pubs and cocktail bars to choose from, there is a place for everyone in Glasgow.