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PCR Testing In Glasgow For Whisky Tourism

The whisky industry has seen massive changes since the start of the pandemic back in March 2020. During the main outbreak and spread of the disease, initially, distilleries from across the UK turned their hand to producing hand sanitiser in order to help hospitals as well as care centres. In addition to this, distilleries obviously had to close to the public due to the restrictions and overall regulations that were present at that time. This article will look more closely at the effect that PCR testing in Glasgow may have had on whisky tourism and why this test is so important for Whisky as well as travel companies.

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How Has Whisky Tourism Been Affected

Since the start of the pandemic, whisky tourism has been severely impacted by the way in which the market has changed. There has been an increase in online orders and international orders, with a considerable shift towards digital orders due to the restrictions and measures put in place at the height of the pandemic.

In terms of tourism , there has been a steep drop off in the number of tourists and visitors coming to see distilleries over the past year and a half. However, thankfully there are other measures being put into place in order to ensure that tourism and visitors return to these kinds of distilleries. Whilst the effect of far fewer tourists has been damaging, it is important to remember that thanks to the reduction of the number of restrictions across the UK, slowly these distilleries are returning to life with tourists increasing in numbers as time goes on.

One of the ways in which more tourism is being allowed to go ahead is thanks to the use and application of PCR testing in Glasgow. PCR testing is being used as a way to establish what the virus is doing and how fast it is spreading in communities across the world. This kind of testing works by having a sample being tested in a lab. Lab tests will either confirm or deny the presence of coronavirus.

Why Is Travel Important For The Whisky Industry?

Traditionally, travel and the whisky industry have always had fairly close links. This is because travel is needed in order to help facilitate the safe transport of whisky to foreign markets as well as ensuring that all the ingredients and equipment needed for the distilling process can be shipped and used with ease.

Without travel and transport through transport hubs in the UK, the whisky industry would struggle greatly to sustain itself as well as struggling to build on an industry which relies considerably on tourism. Therefore, the effective use and rollout of PCR testing across Glasgow has been greatly beneficial to the whisky industry as well as travellers.

How Can The Whisky Industry Recover From The Pandemic In The Future?

The ongoing recovery of the whisky industry is going to take time. However there are plenty of different steps that can be taken in order to aid this recovery. Some of these steps that could be brought forward are:

  • More investment from the Government
  • Increased spend on large scale marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Working together with travel companies in order to try and encourage whisky tourism
  • Increased awareness of PCR tests in Glasgow in order to help encourage more visitors from whisky tourism