What to Expect from a Rare Malt Whisky Tasting


If you would like to experience the taste of some fine rare Scottish whisky or just fancy trying something new, a whisky tasting may be the right thing for you.

The world of whisky is vast and dynamic, there are many different flavours and colours of whisky, from vintage whiskies to new, vibrant whiskies; there is something for everyone.

A rare Scottish whisky tasting would allow you to try out some of the most beautifully stunning rare malt whiskies from the best distilleries in Scotland.

Expand Your Knowledge On Rare Scottish Whisky

Whisky tastings are carried out by whisky professionals, that have a deep understanding and enthusiasm for rare malt whisky. They will be able to provide you with an insight into the world of whisky and take you on a tour of the best Scottish whisky.

During the whisky tasting, you will be introduced to different aspects of a range of rare malt whiskies such as the aromas, colours and the taste.

You will also be introduced to how whisky is distilled and produced, learning how the whisky acquires its unique flavours. This will let you appreciate the value of the rare Scottish whisky that you are sampling.


Scotch Whisky

The Flavour Range of Rare Malt Whisky

Whisky is extremely diverse, with many different flavours available. Attending a rare malt whisky tasting will allow you to try a variety of whisky flavours that you may have never tried before.

Rare Scottish whisky comes in a range of flavours, from light and flowery to strong and smoky. Every rare whisky is made differently, and it is in the distillation and cask process where the flavour is added. The vast flavour range of whisky means that there is a whisky out there for everyone.

To put it simply most of the flavour of the rare Scottish whisky comes from its contact with oak. Every individual whisky has its own maturing point, with younger rare whiskies having more distillery characteristics while older whiskies take more flavour from the cask.

The Full Experience of Rare Scottish Whisky Tasting

A human nose can recognise over 30,000 different smells, meaning that we can detect aromas easily. Most of the flavours you can taste are related to smell, so when you go for a whisky tasting you will experience smelling the whisky first, to try and detect the flavours just from your nose.

Smelling whisky is called ‘nosing’, it involves swirling the whisky around in a whisky glass and taking a few deep breaths. Whisky enthusiasts agree that this is an important stage when sampling whisky.

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Sampling The Best Malt Whisky

Whether you are a whisky connoisseur or an armature, if you are interested in sampling some of the best rare malt whisky, then a whisky tasting would be perfect for you.

It will allow you to try rare malt whisky that you would never have experienced before. You will be able to sample a variety of different flavours of rare Scottish whisky as well as building your knowledge on rare malt whisky.