A Guide to Rare Scottish Whisky

Whisky is a collectable item and is sought out and treasured by collectors. Rare malt whisky is a long time investment that will appreciate in value in years to come. Collectors love to acquire rare malt whiskies because they are so limited and uncommon. This guide of old and rare whisky will allow you to appreciate the value that these whiskies hold.

Lagavulin Feis Ile 2015


This beautiful ages 24-year-old rare malt whisky has been triple matures to ensure the flavours are aromatic and sublime. The spirit was matured in three different casks to create a Smokey, earthy aroma. Lagavulin put the spirit in a bourbon cast, an old oak puncheons and a sherry cask to create the unique flavour.

Only 3500 bottles were realised during the 2015 festival and were sold out in three days. Making this rare Scottish whisky extremely desired and difficult to get a hold of. The bottle can be bought for around £450.

Laphroaig 25-Year-Old 2014 Cask Strength Release


‘One of the most unique of all malt whiskies’. This sleek and elegant rare malt whisky is one of the best malt whisky from Laphroaig. The spirit spent 25 years being distilled in Oloroso Sherry and American oak casks which create an initial sweetness but then the Islay peat comes through. This rare whisky contains, dark powerful briny Islay peat, which gives it its distinct flavour.

This 25-year-old, 2014 whisky is one of luxury and elegance. A bottle of this Laphroaig whisky can be purchased for £420.

Bruichladdich Valinch 13 Jim McEwan


This rare malt whisky is one the most sought after Bruichladdich Crew Member Valinches, which features legendary whisky distiller, Jim McEwan.

Each Valinch is different and has their own label and title. These rare whiskies are usually created to commemorate a specific event. Which makes them very limited and hard to find.

These 23-year-old, hand filled bottles were matured in Fino sherry casks. Valinch are, by definition, only ever cask strength. There were only 630 bottles ever produces, making this whisky very sought after by collectors and whisky lovers alike.

Macallan 1984 15-Year-Old Vintage


Vintage whiskies are extremely rare and sought after. The stunning 1984 vintage Macallan rare malt whisky is extremely desired but collectors for its rarity and authentic flavour.

It was released in the Millennium, becoming an extremely rare whisky.

This old and rare whisky was distilled in 1984 and matured exclusively in ex-oloroso sherry casks, that came from Jerez. Making this rare malt whisky highly desirable.  This luxurious whisky can be purchased for approximately £1,249.

Rare Malt Whisky


These beautifully made, indulgent whiskies are extremely sought after and wanted by collectors and whisky lovers. They all have their own unique flavouring and ageing, making these old and rare whisky the best malt whisky.

All of these whiskies have limited availability and are extremely hard to acquire. Only small batches of the whiskies were ever produced, again making them extremely wanted and hunted by collectors.