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Redecorating Our Whisky Shop

Recently we took on the task of having our whisky shop redesigned and redecorated. We designed to get this work done as the shop was looking and feeling old and outdated. Therefore we viewed it as important that the job was done to a high standard and professionally. Glasgow tradespeople were one of the main contractors who we chose to use in order to have the shop refurbished and improved. Part of the reason we choose these tradespeople was thanks to their excellent reviews as well as the skills and knowledge they possess.

Choosing What To Change

A key part of our refurbishment of the whisky shop was choosing what to change within the whisky shop. Choosing what to change is very important as it can affect the overall look and feel of the whisky shop for many years to come. We decided to keep many of the displays the same. However, we agreed that much of the decor needed to change in order for it to gave a more modern and updated feel to any visitors.

One of the main ways through which we consulted on any changes which we were planning to do was by speaking to our customers. Speaking to many of our customers gave an excellent insight into what could help improve our shop as well as what could be done differently with our business in order to attract more customers and improve their overall experience.

Something we found really helpful was reading online about other peoples experiences. Reading about other businesses that had choose to refurbish and change their shop floor really helped give a better insight into how we might be able to change our own shop effectively.

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Choosing The Right Contractors

One of the best choices we made during the refurbishment was to use the skills and help of Glasgow tradespeople. These tradespeople were invaluable throughout the whole process and helped to give excellent detailed advice about a range of different aspects of the refurbishments and changes that were needing done.

In addition to this, all of the work that they completed was done to a very high standard. This was partly thanks to the vast range of skills, experience and expertise that these tradespeople have built up across a range of different industries over time.

Failing to choose the right contractors can be very damaging. This is because hiring poor quality contractors means that your shop is likely to be built to a poor overall standard and it may carry with it a range of different design flaws or issues that could become bigger problems in the long term.

Conclusion And Feedback

Overall, there are a number of things which we have learnt from our experience which we would like to feedback to you. One of the main things that we have learned from our experience is that planning ahead can make a significant and noticeable difference. We contacted tradespeople in advance in order to get quotes and we found that this made a significant overall difference.