A nightclub in Scotland

Scotland’s Nightclub Crisis

When you hear the word “nightclub,” what do you imagine? It’s been very long since we had full night-outs with no restrictions and no sense of time whatsoever. And slowly those memories seem to be fading away. I bet you still remember the sophisticated atmosphere and the never-ending dancing that took your worries away.

Back To Normal On The Horizon?

Cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow, that rely on their hospitality services are struggling the most since the pandemic started due to governmental restrictions. The late-night sector in particular, has been driven to the edge of insolvency by the severe restrictions in place. As other parts of the hospitality industry have started to reopen, there are no updates indicating a “back to normal” for our too much missed nighttime activities. and since it is summertime, now is the appropriate time to start looking for nightclub alternatives. We know nothing will compare to the sophisticated Edinburgh clubs and bars, but it is a chance we have to take.

Unused bar glasses

What Are The Nightlife Alternatives?

There are a lot of things that can be done at night in the city, but maybe we should be looking at it from a new perspective?! Maybe now is the time to have all those postponed adventures in nature for which we could never make time. This can be as simple as taking a dip in the lake or river, or a more elaborate adventure such as a marathon road trip. But whatever you decide to do at night, it should always follow safe and sanitary practices to avoid the spread of the virus and other infections. And just like any other camp activity, nighttime camping activities should always follow some basic safety tips. These are especially important because nobody knows what might happen while they are out camping.

During daytime there are more activities to choose from, for example you could choose water sports like kayaking or water skiing. Whereas during night time you are left with night hikes which require a good level of preparation and appropriate safety equipment, but the rewards can be high! It’s best to practice some safety techniques on your own before heading out on night hikes, so that you will know what to do in case of a real emergency, or if you come across anything suspicious while out camping.

Final Thoughts

As always, the important thing is to enjoy your time this summer and not let the restrictions limit the fun in your life. We do not know how much the pandemic will last and when our favorite clubs will reopen, but we can make certain that our adventures do not depend and rely on that.