Scottish Mugs You Will Love

Scottish business, MS Mugs has printed mugs for a range of clients. From John Lewis  they use their kilns to create bespoke ceramics which are printed here in the UK. The mug industry is booming as we are drinking more tea and coffee than we ever have. Let’s take a look behind the scenes at the mug design industry.

Mug Designers

MS Mugs have been making hand printed designs for over forty years. They have customers from all over the world, yet they remain in a small village just outside Loch Lomond.

Once their designs are hand applied and fired onto mugs in the factory, they are then sent to their stockists. The brand has created a bespoke design service which is extremely valuable to the creative community as they work with museums, galleries, illustrators and small brands.

Printed Mugs

So, how are the mugs made? MS Mugs told, Make Works that “any artwork supplied should be 600 dpi”. As MS Mugs use a traditional method of printing, their customers should know that ceramic inks so are not always an exact match.

Are the ceramics made in the UK? No. MS Mugs now source their ceramics from countries in the Far East. It is no longer possible for the brand to source from the UK as a number of the Stoke potteries have closed in recent years.


Orla Kiely Mugs

Irish fashion designer, Orla Kiely is known worldwide for her quirky designs. Although she is based south of the border, Orla has joined up Scottish Mug Designer MS Mugs who are based in Jamestown.  MS Mugs (McLaggan and Smith Mugs) are stock mug designs from artists that live all over the UK. They are delighted to have such a talented team: “Orla designs a number items and began her career designing hats and she has been described by The Guardian as “the Queen of Prints”.

Mixing Design with Mugs

Orla is proof that any designer can make mugs. Orla started designing kitchenware, stationery, furniture and wallpaper before she moved on to working Citroën DS3 cars. Orla has stockists from across the world and also stocks her range of mugs on her website.


Mum Mugs

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, make sure you pick up Mothers Day mugs. MS Mugs have a range of Mother’s day designs whether she enjoys a strong cup of coffee or a calming mug of chamomile. The mug designers even stock illustrations by the one and only Sir Quentin Blake, who is best known for his artwork which is used in the Roald Dahl books. These china mugs put a smile on her face every day of the year, not just on Mother’s Day.

Ordering Printed Mugs

Would you like to buy mugs for your business? If you are ordering your mug designs keep in mind that prices and minimum orders will depend on the artwork, colours and quantity that you require.

In most cases, the more mugs, the lower the price per mug; and the more colours in the design, the higher the price.