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The Best Whisky Company Logo Designs

Whether you are a whisky drinker or not, you may notice that whisky logo designs are incredibly eye catching. A whisky logo should always be designed by a professional logo designer. Whisky is an expensive purchase; therefore, it requires a grand logo that will match the goodness which is inside.

Whisky Logo Designers

Repeat Logo has experience in Whisky Logo Design and have recently branded The Rare Malt Whisky Company. It is true that a good logo can help you build up your brand identity and help your target audience recognise your business. A whisky packing box must be eye catching, yet it should protect the bottle which is inside. Always buy your packing boxes from a packaging supplier.

It is important to have a professional logo design if you want your businesses to flourish, a creatively designed logo that represents the service being provided is significant.

There are hundreds of  whisky brands now online and on the shelves – so what makes your stand out the most. If you know and understand the importance of a logo, you will ensure that our logo has all the elements that perfectly represent your company. We have taken inspiration one of the best whisky business logos.

Whisky Logo Design

We start off with an iconic whisky logo design – Johnnie Walkier. This whisky has a great history and it loved by whisky enthusiasts across the world.

This tipple was first brewed by John “Johnnie” Walker (no surprises there) in the 1820s in his own grocer’s shop in the town of Kilmarnock, Scotland. The demand for the whisky continued to grow and it was later bottled and distributed in larger scope by his son and grandson.


The brand has come a long way and Johnnie Walker is the number-one selling Scotch whisky brand in the world! This bottle of Scottish whisky is available in a variety of blends in 180 countries.

Although this whisky brand has age behind them, they recently decided they wanted to improve their vintage logo design. In February of this year, Johnnie Walker introduced a new logo designed by London-based Bloom in collaboration with illustrator Garry Redford.

The new logo design is incredible and stays true to the “Keep Walking” tagline that was launched in 1999.

Designing a Whisky Logo

If you are in the whisky industry and are looking to design your very own whisky logo desig, then the best advise that we can give to you is be original. Customers are attracted to packaging and if they have never heard of your brand before then a logo design will certainly catch their eye.

A good whisky logo design is uses suitable symbols that give a definitely feel of whisky shopping to your customers. Vintage logo design is incredibly popular with those who appreciate a fine bottle of whisky. Some brands have edged towards modern logo design in recent years, but at the end of the day it will come down to your own personal preference.

Symbols of nature are also extremely common for whisky logo design – have a think about all of the bottles of whisky you have seen with stags and deer on them!