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The Perfect Mugs For Drinking Tea

Office mugs can be boring and unexciting, so get your colleagues talking about these top five printed mug designs that are set to brighten your day and your office!  From creative mug designers Madeleine Floyd to witty designer Louise Tate, there is a design perfect for you.

Madeleine Floyd

Creative designer, Madeleine Floyd, has become one of the country’s best-loved artist and designer. After studying at the Courtauld Institute of Art at the university of London, she then went on to develop her skills at the Camberwell college of art and design in London, studying fine art and graphic design.

Floyd usually works in watercolour, ink and oils to create her inventive design. Her mug designs are artistic and beautiful, with hand finished paintings of animals displayed on them. These classically elegant mug designs would complete any office desk.

Louise Tate

Scotland and the UK has lots of talent! For cute, witty mug designs, mug designer Louise Tate is the right designer for you. Her comical mug designs could put a smile on anyone’s face with their illustrated images of animals and amusing slogans.

Louise Tate was born in Britain but spent her years travelling the world, living in South Africa, Singapore and they Netherlands. From her travels, she has developed a unique drawing style and representation of different animals to make her designs humour and clever.

Her hand drawn mug designs are bound to liven up the office with wit and humour, as well as the cutely drawn pictures of animals on the mugs.

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Mclaggan Smith

If you are looking for an iconic slogan mug, Mclaggan Smith is a mug designer that have re-created the WW2 poster, ‘keep calm and carry’ on into an iconic mug design. There red designed mug, will stand out in your office and give you the motivation you need you need to finish your day.

Mclaggan smiths, keep calm and carry on the mug would be perfect for any office as If you are having a stressful day at the office, all you need to do it take a sip of your tea and you’ll be remained to ‘stay calm and carry on’.

Orla Kiely

Mug designer, Orla Kiely is known for her unique, retro designs that are designed to perfection. Kiely’s designs are not only beautiful on mugs, she has a designed a range of kitchenware, furniture and stationary.

Oral Kiely is a multi-talented designed that produced designs that have a retro feel to them, she used bold colours to create a distinct mug design. Oral Kiely mug designs would brighten up any office, and be admired by your colleagues.

Moli Coli

For a good old fashioned Scottish mug design, with an illustration of a Scotty dog, mug designer Moli Coli has created a truly irresistible mug design with a Scotty dog wearing a tartan scarf.

This cute and patriotic Scottish mug design would be the perfect printed mug for a true lover of Scotland, from the red tartan scarf to the very Scottish Scotty dog.