a photo of 2 glasses of Scotch whisky

Whisky Month in Scotland

The month of May is Scotch Whisky Month in Scotland. Missed it too? Wherever you happen to live, this month is the perfect excuse to visit some distilleries to learn more about how they make their magical liquid.

Why You Should Spend Next Spring In Scotland

Scotland is absolutely fantastic in spring. It is less crowded, the weather is mild and it’s got absolutely spectacular landscapes. You can celebrate Scotch Whisky Month by visiting some of the best distilleries to learn more about the art and science of this age-old liquid. Some of the world’s best restaurants and bars host special Scotch whisky tasting events, where guests can try some of the finest spirits they have to offer, however, moderate consumption is advised. Given the global effort and costs related to alcoholism clinical trials, whisky overindulgence is something you should avoid.

Scottish Highlands

How The Tradition Started

Whisky, or whiskey (Irish whiskey as it’s commonly known) is typically a classically blended sort of distilled beverage made from carefully fermented grain mashes. Typically, distilling is done by a process called distillation, where the grain, usually matured in oak barrels, is heated to nearly boiling, with its entire surface and roots removed. The history of the Scotch whisky can be traced back to the early 1600s, and was loved by many kings and royals of its time. A few centuries later and the word “Scotch” becomes synonymous with Scotland, bringing world-class reputation. Scotland is home to the best-known brands in the world, as Lagavulin and The Macallan.

A photo of a distillery in Scotland

What Else Is There To Know

If you’re a fan of Scottish cuisine, then you’ll want to visit Scotland at least once during Spring. Some of the country’s most popular dishes include haggis, Scotch pie, Scotch smoked salmon, deep-fried Scottish salmon, and the very popular Scottish oysters. Scotland’s foodie traditions continue to tempt curious visitors, the most dedicated chefs of the country never get tired to showcase their talents.

Scottish oysters with lemon on a plate

Final words

Finally, don’t miss out on the World Whisky Day festivities that take place every year in May. The official Scottish equivalent of World Whisky Day is the Scotch Masters’ Day, where master distillers from across the world come to Scotland to share their wisdom and their crafts with fellow artisans. So don’t forget to put it on your calendar if you want to learn more about making Scotland’s favorite spirit from the people who actually make it.