Whisky Storage Tips

When storing whisky, you should keep it away from light. The oxidation process will gradually dull the taste. The temperature of an open bottle will be slightly lower than the average. Also, don’t place the whisky in direct sunlight. You can also mark the neck with a felt pen to keep track of the fill level. If you can, drink the whisky within a few months of purchase. A good tip is to store it away from moisture. Keeping it away from moisture helps to ensure that the product does not get contaminated.

Deciding On The Best Kinds Of Storage

The best place to store your whisky is in your cellar. A wine cellar is ideal for whiskey storage because it is properly temperature and light-regulated. However, if you don’t have a wine cellar, you can try other options. The best option is to invest in a whiskey cellar. It is not only convenient and affordable, but it is also secure. The best part about a whiskey cellar is that you can store it in your home.

When storing your whisky, it’s important to keep the bottle in a dark room. It’s important to keep your whiskey away from light as it will reduce the flavour and aroma. Depending on the bottle, you can store it in a vault, a cupboard or a cooler. If you don’t have a vault, you can always keep your whisky in a cabinet. Just remember to store your bottles in a package to prevent light damage.

While most people don’t realize it, whisky can develop problems if stored improperly. High-volatile aromatics are responsible for cloudiness. When stored improperly, you can increase the risk of a tainted whisky. Moreover, a vacuum seal will increase the pull of ethanol, which will deplete the flavour. Keeping your whisky in an airtight container can be a safer and more effective option.


While storing your whiskey in a closed storage unit, keep it away from direct sunlight. The sunlight can cause the cork to break, while the humidity can affect the outer surface of the bottle. The best whiskey storage location is in a room with a temperature that is constant throughout the year. Indirect sunlight will damage the stopper and label of the bottle. Moreover, the humidity will damage the outer surface of the bottle. By keeping your bottles in a room with consistent temperature, you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite drinks in no time.

A good whisky storage location is a dark, cool place with no excessive light. When it’s bottled, it’s best to keep it in an air-tight space away from windows or other light sources. A window-less room will reduce the evaporation and enhance the value of the whisky. A sealed bottle is also better than an unprotected attic or garage. If you don’t have a wine cellar, consider renting one.